Animal Health Professionals

Animal Health Professionals

Our Technology

The ENDOVAC® technology is similar in design for all products but provides each species different benefits. Select an animal product in the left column for more specific information about the benefits of ENDOVAC. Check out the video below to see how Veterinarians are using ENDOVAC in the industry!


The way most vaccines are built, multiple antigens have to be added to the vaccine to get protection from multiple diseases. This cocktail method means that the animal has to respond to lots of different antigens individually. ENDOVAC vaccines are different for two reasons. First, the way our core technology is built, it is broad spectrum with only one antigen – see diagram. Our unique antigen is the core of all gram-negative bacteria. This allows it to protect against numerous gram-negative bacterial diseases. Second, ENDOVAC vaccines are the only gram-negative vaccines to not have harmful active endotoxins. Endotoxins, also known as LPS, are not grown at all by our core antigen. This includes the toxin Lipid A, that plagues other gram-negative vaccines.


Immune Plus®

Immune Plus is an Immunostimulant made from proprietary ENDOVAC Animal Health Technology. Immune Plus raises the overall response of the immune system in the animal. This is important both for response to vaccination as well overall health at critical times. As the graphs demonstrate, two key components of the immune system, lymphocytes and antibodies, are both significantly increased with Immune Plus. Elevating the animal’s own immune response to ward off harmful pathogens, as well as enhancing the response to all administered vaccinations, are key roles of Immune Plus.

Lymphocytes Chart