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Dan Leo Apex Cattle  |  How? Read More

We started using ENDOVAC-Beef at pre-calving and birth in our baby calves. We give it prior to when our cows start calving. All of our cows and bred heifers getting ready for their first calf, get a shot of ENDOVAC-Beef. Our baby calves, when they hit the ground, get a shot of ENDOVAC-Beef. At branding time, which in our operation is in May, we hit those same calves again with ENDOVAC-Beef. In the middle of August, we precondition all of our calves and hit them again with ENDOVAC-Beef. The further we got into it, we realized the health of our calves has just been better than what it has been years before. We had practically no health issues as compared to other years. We’re a believer that if we can make it better for our fellow cattlemen, we want to share that same information. If you don’t use it, you don’t benefit from it. With ENDOVAC-Beef, I don’t know how you can have it any better.

Dan Leo Apex Cattle  |  How?
Dan Leo Apex Cattle  |  Why? Read More

Healthy calves just mean less expense. We just don’t have extra time and labor to put into treating cattle in a pasture setting. We’ve got a man on the place that can rope or do anything that needs to be done. But the fact of it is, he hasn’t used that rope one time this year for treating any of these calves. As they grow and they develop we just have less issues if we can keep them healthier. ENDOVAC-Beef is the product that is making all the difference in the world. We like cattle to look good and to stay sound and have good feet. We’ve enjoyed the results basically no pinkeye and no foot rot issues. I can tell you from an end-user standpoint it’s making us money.

Dan Leo Apex Cattle  |  Why?
Greg Costello Abel Dairy Read More

We started in about 2017 with ENDOVAC-Dairy. IT WORKS! It is very important that we can use it for all three trimesters because of the fact that we are not affecting milk production at all.

Greg Costello Abel Dairy
Tom Hintz, DVM Country Hills Animal Health Read More

The flexibility that ENDOVAC gives us is a really big deal because then we don’t have to be managing where is she at in the stage of lactation.

Tom Hintz, DVM Country Hills Animal Health
Matt Pearce Pearce Cattle Company Read More

ENDOVAC-Beef was first presented to me as an immune stimulant, and we started using it on commingled cattle coming from multiple high stress environments to our ranch. I saw a higher immune response in these cattle and started using Endovac on all of our cattle at all five locations. We have a 2,000 head cow/calf operation and 500 head of stockers with ranches in south Florida and south Georgia. Whenever calves go through the chute, they receive a shot of Endovac. We currently run between .5% and 1% mortality on our calves with Endovac down from 3% before we implemented Endovac. On the calves that are going to the feedlot, we are getting positive feedback of fewer treatments since starting Endovac. When you are selling on reputation that is important. And on top of all that, with the price, you can’t go wrong.

Matt Pearce Pearce Cattle Company
Brad Haun Haun Ranch Read More

I start cattle for a living, I’m not a mechanic, I’m not a computer scientist, I have been really really good at one thing in my life…startin’ cattle. ENDOVAC-Beef has been a Game Changer for me. If you are not vaccinating, you should be!

You know, I don’t work for ENDOVAC-Beef, if it didn’t work I would tell you don’t use it, you are wasting your money….It Works! Every one I save, or every one I don’t have to doctor is better for my cattle and the bottom line.

I did my own trial, and I will just tell you the honest truth, I started 900 head for a feed yard in Nebraska. They were keeping the steers and I was keeping the heifers. I used ENDOVAC-Beef on 100% of those steers. On their sisters, that I kept and grazed, I did not give ENDOVAC-Beef…Night and Day Difference. I had a wreck on my heifers, with bad eyes. On the steers we had hardly any. It’s called the learning curve…I learned I wanted to use ENDOVAC-Beef on all of them now.

I run a good sized cow-calf operation in addition to starting cattle. 100% of my cattle get ENDOVAC-Beef. Since using ENDOVAC we don’t have to treat as many cattle for respiratory, or even other common problems like pinkeye and foot rot. I am getting my Pasteurella and the stimulant that makes the vaccine work better with ENDOVAC-Beef. If everybody knew what I knew, everyone would be using it.

Brad Haun Haun Ranch