Who We Are

ENDOVAC Animal Health is located in Columbia, Missouri, and has been in business since 1983. Founded and owned by the Sprouse family, ENDOVAC Animal Health is a proactive animal health company that is focused on premium science. We maintain a culture that is dedicated to customer-centric integrity and an animals first mentality. Our strong foundation led us to the opening of a new production and manufacturing facility in the summer of 2020.

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What We Do

ENDOVAC Animal Health manufactures vaccines for livestock and companion animals to aid in the protection of numerous diseases caused by gram-negative bacteria. Today, our main focus is beef and dairy cattle with developing product lines for equine and swine. Our dynamic team is here to assist veterinarians and producers with any questions about our product portfolio.

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  • 1983

    IMMVAC was founded to commercialize a novel technology developed by Dr. Ronald F. Sprouse, Professor of Pathology, and Dr. Harold E. Garner, DVM, at the University of Missouri.

  • 1986

    The first product from IMMVAC, Endoserum® for equine, was licensed by the USDA.

  • 1987

    The flagship product line, ENDOVAC® vaccine, was licensed and began manufacturing.

  • 1995

    Dr. Ronald and Dorothy Sprouse purchased all shares of IMMVAC from the Garners.

  • 1996

    Facilities expanded to meet production demands and additional office space.

  • 2004

    Son of Dr. Ronald and Dorothy Sprouse, Kevin Sprouse, took over as Executive Vice President.

  • 2012

    ENDOVAC-Bovi® was rebranded to ENDOVAC-Beef® and ENDOVAC-Dairy®.

  • 2018

    IMMVAC, Inc. changed its name to ENDOVAC Animal Health.

  • 2020

    ENDOVAC Animal Health saw the need for improvement and continued growth. The most modern vaccine production facility in the United States was completed near the original facilities in Columbia, MO.

  • 2021

    ENDOVAC Animal Health became ISO 9001:2015 certified, meeting all international Quality Management Systems standards. This qualification ensures EAH has the policies, processes, and procedures necessary to provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory needs, all while improving customer satisfaction. 

    ENDOVAC Animal Health also completed their new Research & Evaluation facility in the fall of 2021. 


    Today, ENDOVAC Animal Health is owned by Kevin Sprouse in Columbia, MO, with Steve Knorr serving as Company President. The product portfolio is managed by a team of industry-leading production and animal health experts. Circulation of the vaccine lines is completed through our distribution partners. ENDOVAC Animal Health is looking to the future to maintain status as a stand-alone animal health company.